5 Different Compton Bridge Metals, Each with their own Tone Characteristic

All bridges are drilled with a number 18 drill bit which is .1695 inches (4.30mm). They will be slotted by default for 10 ~ 46 gauged strings or will be slotted to your specs. The bridges will be highly buffed to a brilliant finish. Dimensions are 1/2 inch (12.70mm) high at the center of radius arc, 1/2 inch (12.70mm) thick and 3 1/2 inches (88.90mm) wide. The solid mass of these bridges is what contributes to the tonal qualities of these bridges. Users of the Compton Compensated Custom Bridges are very satisfied with the performance of this bridge on their guitars. The improvement in tone, sustain and clarity is amazing!
Aluminum Bridge
Brass Bridge
Copper Bridge
Stainless Steel Bridge