Order Information - What you need to know!

Before placing an order please read!


Orders must be arranged by emailing Wayne Compton at worknotwc@gmail.com

What you need to know prior to ordering

  • Bridge base stud post spacing
  • Fretboard Radius
  • String spacing from E to E
  • Your preferred string gauge

This information is needed because each bridge is hand customized to your guitar.

Bridge base stud post spacing
To determine your post spacing you will need to measure from the inside of one stud to the out side of the other post. For demonstration please visit “Find stud post center Spacing”

Fretboard Radius
To determine your fretboard radius it is suggested that you print out a radius gauge. Click here for a printable radius gauge for 9.5 and 12 inch fretboards.

String spacing from E to E
Most guitars are one of two measurements which are 2" (50.80mm) or 2 1/8" (53.97mm). You will need to measure the strings from E to E near your stock bridge.

String Gauge
You will want to provide CCCB your preferred string gauge. If you do not specify then the bridge will be slotted for 10~46 strings.

Payment Methods
Payments are made via Paypal unless payment arrangments are made.

Bridges are shipped via USPS. Price of bridges include shipping costs within the USA.

Bridges will be mailed within 2 to 3 business days of cleared payment. Bridges may take longer due to workload.

International order: Add $10 USD for any International orders. Please expect 8 – 14 business days to receive item.

Disclaimer:  www.comptonbridges.com  January 12, 2013

Changes. Seller may at any time make such changes in design and construction of products, components or parts as Seller deems appropriate, without notice to Buyer.

Due to the fact a Compton Bridge is custom made, we can not accept returns. There are far too many configurations involved that makes it very difficult to re-sell a bridge once it has been slotted for string spacing and gauge. It is very crucial to be accurate with your guitars specifications before placing an order. We also do not have a data base for guitar specifications as many of the same model can vary.


Thank you very much for considering the Compton Compensated Custom Bridge.