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April 30, 2009
I'm posting these pics here, since some folks probably won't find my thread in the Electromatic forum. Here is an aluminum Compton bridge installed on my 5120. Installation was simple, fit & performance are much better than my stock bridge. Price and service were excellent! Click here to view on


5120 with installed Aluminum Compton Compensated Custom Bridge


May 6 2009


Hi Pops, yes the aluminum Compton bridge is on there and I absolutely love it. It looks like it was always there and frankly I think it looks way better than the original bridge that came with the guitar. I think it would be a great move for Gretsch to offer these as either standard equipment or an add on. As for the difference in sound and tone I couldn't be happier. I'm not as technicle as most of the players here so I can speak to brightness, woodiness, etc. But I can say that I really love how the guitar sounds now. It sounds WAY better. The sound to me is more "whole" and even across all of the strings. Before the switch the "high" strings were a little "screamy" to me. With the new bridge all six strings seem to match together way better and sound very dynamic when strummed together. If that makes sense.







May 7 2009:
I got my new bridge in the mail today. An aluminum Compton. Dropped right into place on my existing bridge base, tuned up and plays great. Sounds a little bit different I guess. Maybe a little brighter. This was installed on a 6118T-LTV with a pinned bridge and it works great so far. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for the quick service "Pops".

Oh, one thing I did notice. I've actually got to lower the screws on my bridge pickup. The action goes so low that it's getting a bit hot and with palm pressure it hits the screw tops and pops. No, not you– different pops.


Another Fine Review of the Compton Compensated Custom Bridge:
To clear up any idea that Wayne's bridge will not intonate on a pro-jet, is hogwash....!