CCCB Testimonials Page 4


SEPT 01:

Hey Wayne: 
Just installed my new Compton Compensated Bridge on my Gretsch G5120 and MAN - what a difference!  The guitar has never played or stayed in tune so well.  The intonation is spot-on.  For the last two years I've been fiddle-farting around with the old TOM bridge, flat wounds, wound 3rds, but it was never quite 'right'.  Installed the new compensated bridge, strung it up with the D'Addario EXL 115's that I use on most of my Electric Herd (.049-.011 which you were kind enough to score the bridge for) and it sounds beautiful - and ON.  Was thinking of parting with the guitar - now it's staying in the herd.  Thanks again!

 OCT 22


Here's a picture of my Gretsch G3161 Historic Streamliner with Filtertrons, Bigsby, and now your SS Compton bridge. It has added fullness and sustain, and just looks even more "streamlined". Thanks for a great addition and investment in my Great Gretsch sound.

Randy R.