Titanium Custom Bridge....Has its own unique sound that is hard to put into words. Has been described on Gretsch-talk.com as: "The clarity and complexity of the sound are incredible."

Due to cost vs. demand, Titanium Bridges are Pre-Paid non-refundable special orders only.

Things to consider before making order:

  • Compton Bridges must have a minimum of 10 pre orders before having them CNC.  
  • Titanium Bridges are non-refundable

If you are interested in a Titanium bridge you will need to email me and be added to a list.

Once I have a minimum of 10 requests I will email everyone and send out an invoice for Pre-payment. Order for blanks will then be made witch will take up to 4 weeks before I will receive for slotting and finishing.


Pricing: (includes MN State Tax)

  • Standard: $135.00
  • Tone Chambered: $155.00

TONE CHAMBER: Any bridge with a Tone Chamber will have a bit more highs in the tone and have better string seperation larity within chords.

Information I will need:

  • Post spacing, string spacing, fret board radius, and string gauge being used
  • Standard or Tone Chamber
  • Shipping address

#NOTE: Titanium will have a highly polished top and ends. The front and back sides of both are going to be a 400 grit brushed finish.