Why Try a Compton bridge?

There are many reasons to try a Compton Bridge! Everyone at one point and time is looking for something new for there Gretsch, Gibson, Guild, or Fender and specifically an improvement of the stock bridge.

Compton Bridges is trying to just do that, help you improve the sound, style, and feel of your guitar at a low cost.

Below are a few points that Compton Bridges put together to quickly point out what these bridges can do to improve your guitar.


  • Low cost high quality upgrade compared to others
  • Strings lay over fret board evenly with a matched radius bridge giving a consistent feel and height across the neck
  • Multiple metals producing different tones
  • Hand slotted for your string spacing and string gauge giving you a CUSTOM direct upgrade
  • Less surface area in contact with your strings to help prevent strings getting pinched and producing unwanted vibrations
  • Solid piece bar with no moving parts that can produce unwanted vibrations
  • Comfortable on the palm of your hand when resting on bridge
  • Unique angle on top of bridge designed for compensation with a plain unwound 3rd G string
  • Compton Bridges are hand Polished and not plated
  • All around unique design to separate from all others
  • Compton Bridges offers Titanium as a optional metal