Compton Guitar Bridge Testimonials

Compton bridges are meticulously engineered to offer unparalleled performance for guitarists. Crafted with a harmonious fusion of six carefully selected metals, these bridges enhance your playing with an exquisite brilliance that truly shines.

Here's a picture of my Gretsch G3161 Historic Streamliner with Filtertrons, Bigsby, and now your SS Compton bridge. It has added fullness and sustain, and just looks even more "streamlined". Thanks for a great addition and investment in my Great Gretsch sound.

Randy R.

Just installed my new Compton Compensated Bridge on my Gretsch G5120 and MAN - what a difference!  The guitar has never played or stayed in tune so well.  The intonation is spot-on.  For the last two years I've been fiddle-farting around with the old TOM bridge, flat wounds, wound 3rds, but it was never quite 'right'.  Installed the new compensated bridge, strung it up with the D'Addario EXL 115's that I use on most of my Electric Herd (.049-.011 which you were kind enough to score the bridge for) and it sounds beautiful - and ON.  Was thinking of parting with the guitar - now it's staying in the herd.  Thanks again!


My bridge arrived on sat. Thanks for getting it out to me so quickly. Took about 5 min to install and LOOK OUT! Everything I'd read about it and more! First off the extra "spank" I was looking for is there in spades. Intonation is perfect and didn't realize the difference a matching radius would make but, this guitar plays and sounds like a dream! This is an amazing product that makes an already cool guitar THE BOMB!! Can't thank you enough.


The bridge arrived in perfect condition and looked like gold to me LOL and even better I was charged no import duty or taxes which is an added bonus.

Unfortunately the Compton would not fit on the bridge posts and let me quickly sate that this was not Wayne’s fault or anyone else’s. The measurement on my CC was 7.5cm which is 2.95275" between bridge posts which puts it in between the 2.9 and the 3”, if anything a little closer to the 3”. As someone else had no problems in fitting the 3” on the same guitar we all assumed it would fit and again let me say I am certainly blaming no one at all. Obviously sending the bridge back and all the transport and time involved was not really an option so I needed to find a solution. The solution was to use a drill to open the holes either side slightly to allow the bridge posts to fit into the Compton without distorting the ebony base of the bridge. Worked fine and here are the photographs to prove it.

The tone is clearly brighter to such a degree that I have had to modify some presets I have on my Vox Tonelab LE to compensate a little (pun intended). As far as intonation is concerned it is bang on with strings 1, 2 and 3 using an electronic tuner but very slightly out on 4, 5 and 6 but so close that it sounds perfect and let me say a great improvement over the Space Control Bridge that was on the guitar.

So we have marked change in tone and a clear benefit on intonation with hardly any inclination at all on the bridge to compensate. The radius matches the fretboard perfectly and that is really noticeable when adjusting string height. The Compton is also extremely comfortable and makes muting a dream and I get the feeling that Gretsch and the Compton are a match made in heaven and I was Gretsch I would be knocking at Wayne’s door for a deal.

Suffice to say Wayne/Pop’s is an absolute pleasure to do business with and the value for money on these bridges is amazing. So if you’re sitting on the fence about getting one don’t even think about it at as you cannot go wrong. A really big thanks to Compton Compensator Custom Bridges for making such a fantastic and value for money product.

Gerry Cooper

My first post and received my new SS bridge yesterday. I haven't installed it yet. What a good looking piece!I've been a machinist for 30 years...specifically highly polished plastic injection molds and the last 20 years produced from CNC equipment. I honestly believed I'd probably have to go over this bridge and finish it off with a good polish.Boy was I wrong. It looks fantastic! Excellent job, Pops. The craftsmanship is first rate.Now to get it installed and hear that sound y'all are raving about. Thanks Pops. Price, delivery and packaging were all excellent as well.


Hi Wayne, I received the Aluminum Bridge today and I have to say I am very happy with it! I know from experience with other guitars the difference a change of bridge material can make, but I was shocked at how your bridge improved this guitar. I am using it on a Gretsch electromatic hollow body. The sustain has definitely improved, The intonation is spot on, the "playability" is much nicer due to the radius, but the biggest improvement is in the tone. Every string sounds "bigger" and "rounder", if that makes sense, and there are natural harmonics and overtones that I didn't notice before. You have a great product here. Thanks alot.


Today I equipped a second guitar with a Compton Brass bridge, my 6120 N. This guitar has a factory pinned bridge and had a very long-travel variant of the Adjustomatic from the factory. No problems to report. Everything went smoothly and with EXL 110s the guitar intonates well. This is the guitar I will most likely take to the jam BTW. After installing the bridge I gave it a good tryout, evreything from warm Jazz to ultra-twangy Country. The new bridge improves upon the sustain characteristics of the guitar and lends new authority to the sound. It looks good on there too. Maybe we can get some good pics at the jam session.

Man oh man. Pics and a more detailed report should follow this weekend but Pop's Compton Compensated Bridges are fantastic. Mine arrived yesterday afternoon. I had dinner plans so I didn't get it on my guitar until late in the evening but I DID play it. For quite some time. The '62 Guild Starfire II previously had a rosewood bridge. Now it has sustain for days, a little more spank and looks rocking.

Get this, the rosewood bridge and base seemed lower than my 5120 or other hollowbodies so I sent the whole assembly to Compton. My bridge had a few chpped/cracked edges on the treble side (it's 47 years old) - Compton made me a new base (looks great; definite keeper; will sand it to mate soon and THANK YOU!). How nice. Overall mega improvement in tone and appearance. Like I said, pics are forthcoming. But for now, thank you. One heck of a product you got there. My guild has never sounded so good. Can't wait to take it to the studio and plug it in.

To clear up any idea that Wayne's bridge will not intonate on a pro-jet, is hogwash....!

I got my new bridge in the mail today. An aluminum Compton. Dropped right into place on my existing bridge base, tuned up and plays great. Sounds a little bit different I guess. Maybe a little brighter. This was installed on a 6118T-LTV with a pinned bridge and it works great so far. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for the quick service "Pops".

Oh, one thing I did notice. I've actually got to lower the screws on my bridge pickup. The action goes so low that it's getting a bit hot and with palm pressure it hits the screw tops and pops. No, not you– different pops.

Hi Pops, yes the aluminum Compton bridge is on there and I absolutely love it. It looks like it was always there and frankly I think it looks way better than the original bridge that came with the guitar.

I think it would be a great move for Gretsch to offer these as either standard equipment or an add on. As for the difference in sound and tone I couldn't be happier.

I'm not as technical as most of the players here so I can speak to brightness, woodiness, etc. But I can say that I really love how the guitar sounds now. It sounds WAY better. The sound to me is more "whole" and even across all of the strings.

Before the switch the "high" strings were a little "screamy" to me. With the new bridge all six strings seem to match together way better and sound very dynamic when strummed together. If that makes sense.

I'm posting these pics here, since some folks probably won't find my thread in the Electromatic forum.

Here is an aluminum Compton bridge installed on my 5120.

Installation was simple, fit & performance are much better than my stock bridge.

Price and service were excellent!